CAPE MEDICS provides medical coverage to numerous events and sporting occasions. We are the medical service provider to AJAX CT, Eyethu Events, Arcfyre International, Pentagon Events, BA Smith etc.

With our huge equipment assets we are able to provide equipped medics for even the largest events. Our equipment assets even include a full helicopter medevac conversion kit; this allows us to convert any helicopter into a medical platform in a few minutes saving companies thousand in aero medical bills.

We can confidently say that we have the medical assets to ensure that you comply with current event legaslation. Our supply capacity is currently 52 000 patrons or 17 equipped medical teams that can operate independately.

With over 19 Years of combined in house medical experience, we are able to provide you with a detailed risk assessment for your event. This is done in accordance with SANS 10366 2006. This is the current SABS Standard used nationwide for event management.

Contract Clients

Cape medics believes in providing its clients value for money. Should you sign up as contract client you receive our 12 hr discounted rate regardless of the amount of time used. This allows for our client to receive quality medical care at affordable prices.

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