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CAPE MEDICS provides both Health & Safety Solutions to the film and entertainment industries.

By having highly trained, experienced and an active medic on site, time is saved by not having to look around should the need arise for one, leaving management one less to worry about.

In addition to the above I also provide a list of the closest appropriate medical facility and Doctors to your location as well as set up accounts for production at these facilities.

We provide HSE on set representative’s iaw OHSA (South Africa), Motion Picture Guidelines (USA), UK Film & TV Nebosh Guidelines (UK).

We have completed over 300 commercials/features since our beginning. We are accrediated to provide Safety (HSE) services to ITV, Company Pictures, AMC, Universal Studios/NBC, Turner.


  1. With 5 years of solid company experiecnce and over 19 years of combined in house medical experience, we provide complete medical solutions. Everything form a unit medic to base camp clinics to medical evacuation services.
  2. We currently hold over R5 million rand in medical and support equipment and can proudly say that we can easily equip 17 medical teams from our store.
  3. Equipment in nothing without trained staff, over 250 medics/Dr’s/Nurse are available on our books
  4. We conform to all insurance and legal requirements, with each medic and the company holds malpractice, 3rd party insurance. All our equipment is insured with us and ambulances registered with DOT.
  5. With over 350 project in the last 4 years, we have shown that we can handle even the most complex medical request.
  6. Our Experience in the past years include.
    • Blood Diamond ( 5 Medics, Flight Paramedic, Base Camp Dr and Clinic, on site Helicopter)
    • Primeval (3 Medics and cold exposure clinic)
    • Generation Kill (4 Medics, Paramedic, Malaria Clinic and Ambulance)
    • Last House on the L
    • 24 Feature (ALS Paramedic)
    • Prisoner (Ambulance, Construction, Main Unit)


  1. Began in 2006 offering Health & Safety (HSE) Service to the film industry. South Africa does not have dedicated film safety policy, so we had to take an innovative approach in solving this problem.
  2. With the above in mind we developed our own unique modular policy specific to each project.
  3. We use standards and guidelines from 3 Countries i.e UK (Nebosh), SA (ohsa 1994) and US(Film and TV Guideline of 2000, 2005 ammended), or the injury illness prevention programme.
  4. By doing this we are able to adapt to the studio/picture house requirements i.e BBC(Nebosh), Disney(Film & TV guidelines).
  5. We have been vetted by Turner, Fox & Sony Pictures. Additionally we have provide services to numerous joint UK/US productions.
  6. Our HSE experience in 2007/2008 includes
    • Generation Kill (Ep 3-5) - HBO/Company Pictures
      Producer: Andrea Calderwood (Slate Films)
    • Devils Whore (Full Service) - Company Pictures
      Head of Prod: Helen Flint
    • Eaten Alive, Sharks - Next Films/Out of Africa
      Producer: Lance Samuels
    • The Prisoner - AMC/ITV
      Producer: Trevor Hopkins/Bill Shepard
    • The Philantropist Universal/NBC
      VP of Safety: Paul Jordan
  7. We currently have 3 in house Safety Advisors able to co-ordinate and conduct safety services to this unique industry.
  8. Attached find examples of the work conducted on our recent project with involved complex aerial work (Hot Air Balloon and Fixed Wing filming).


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