All personnel are equipped (Subject to job req.) with:

  • Trauma Bag
  • Comprehensive First Aid Box (Consumables)
  • Oxygen therapy Kit
  • Analgesia Meds (Dependant on Qualification)
  • Burn Kit
  • Spinal Immobilisation equipment
  • Defib/AED (Cardiac Monitor)

Our office houses consumable stock to refill all the ambulance and the disater trailer in one go, there-by allowing us to immediately restock the ambulances and to cater for mass casuality incidents.

Each medic is allocated his own equipment and no ‘sharing’ of equipment takes place. All first aid boxes are fully stocked and carry extensive over the counter medication. A complete list can be provided at your request.


All our ambulances can be configured in any number of ways or levels of qualification, the minumum of Level 6/ILS/AEA is always adhered to.

We are especially proud of our industrial equipped ambulance, which is equipped with HAZMAT C equipment, High Angle (optional), intrinsically safe torch’s and radios. This is especially important in the oil and gas industry where safety is the norm and not taken for granted. Our medical crews on ambulances wear fire retardant coveralls/jumpsuits and have been trained to industry standards.

Special Requests

  • Ambulances, 4x4 off road vehicles, rescue equipment (rope rescue) are available on special request to suit your needs.
  • Children & Minors: Specialised medications for minors are available eg. Panado syrup, Grippon cold and flu, Ponstil and kiddies multivites etc.
  • Chronic/Special Meds: For personnel (crew and cast) to their specific condition eg. (Insulin).

With our huge equipment assets we are able to provide equipped medics for even the largest events.

Our equipment assets even include a full helicopter medevac conversion kit; this allows us to convert any helicopter into a medical platform in a few minutes saving companies thousand in aero medical bills.

Additionally, we will be glad to complete a medical risk assessment for you. This is done in accordance with SANS 10366 2006. This is the current SABS Standard used nationwide for event management.

With our current infrastructure we are currently able to provide medical support for events of up to 48 000 patron/spectators.

Some of the work we have done includes the SA Open (40000), Rod Steward Concert (18000), Ajax Cape Town (19000) etc.

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